White Water Rafting

Day Outing

We being the pioneers of the white water rafting in the Sri Lankan, have made tremendous progress from the year 2000 and this is all about excitement, relaxation and teamwork. We like to embrace each rafting adventure at a leisurely pace to give you the time to fully appreciate the experience. Hiking Sri Lanka is confident that you will enjoy multiple sensations… the exhilaration and thrill from nature’s powerful forces at work. The whitewater and the respect that it commands will thrill you in the spectacular scenery that encompasses there throughout the journey. Further you will relish the contentment of the achievement and fulfillment of personal and team challenges met and mastered along the way. Our Rafters are highly skilled, well experienced, trained and licensed under the BCU (British Canoe Union).

The journey takes 90 minutes for the total distance of 5 km under the Grade 02 and 03 rapids


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s) about Rafting

Is rafting dangerous?

Rafting is thrilling, exciting, wet, wild and unbelievably fun. However, as with all adventure sports, there is inherent risk involved. That risk contributes to the excitement, and is one of the reasons people enjoying rafting so much. The guides working for the outfitters listed with Rafting Sri Lanka are trained to minimize and manage risks, and, statistically, you’re safer in a raft than in your car.


If I can’t swim, can I still go rafting?

Everyone on commercial rafting trips wears a coast guard approved life vest. This critical piece of equipment will keep you afloat in the event that you find yourself in the river. Many non-swimmers go on rafting trips, and they have a great time. Your guide will give you an in depth safety talk before your trip explaining what you should prepare for and do in the event you fall out of the raft. Your guide is professionally trained in whitewater rescue and will work with the rest of your guide team to ensure that you are able to feel comfortable with the whitewater conditions on your trip.


What are my chances of falling out of the boat? What should I do if I do?

Plan “A” is always to stay in the boat, but believe it or not, many people love falling out of the boat. It’s exciting. But it can be disorienting and a little overwhelming at first. Many people have taken multiple trips and never fallen in. Some people swim on their first trip. It’s all a part of rafting. Before you go on any trip, you’ll be given extensive instructions on what to do if you fall in, and how to stay safe. Follow your guide’s instructions, and your “swim” could be the most exciting part of your trip and a great story to tell your friends afterwards!


Can I bring my camera or video camera?

We don’t recommend bringing video cameras, or even expensive still cameras, on trips. Many people bring disposable waterproof cameras, which work just fine. The quality of the pictures is reasonably good, and if you lose your disposable camera, it’s not the end of the world. If you do choose to bring a more expensive camera, you can protect it.


Day Outing

Key Learning Benefits

  • Create challenges
  • Build individual skill that will bolster teamwork skills
  • Provide feedback to build skills, confidence and accountability
  • Build a sense of personal and collective power

Safety Measures

  • The monitors of this activity have been trained and possess BCU qualifications